From discovery to roadmap to delivery, it’s a 24-week process of application transformation. Our process involves  automation, containerization and microservices to truly transform our client’s journey from legacy to serverless. They get greater agility and flexibility as we significantly reduce the migration and development efforts.

Creating a new paradigm.
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As a premier consulting organisation, we believe that automation and speed of delivery is the key. We, at Parkar Consulting, have an integrated engineering framework (platform) which helps customers with rapid transformation from legacy to serverless. Through our platform we deliver innovation, automation, and transformation for our trusted partners and customers.

Top 5 Things to remember when defining a Microservices Architecture

"Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion."
- Democritus

In other words, what's the lowest unit of work that programmers can deal with easily without making the whole application one big inseparable monolith?
In modern application development, microservices architecture is a methodology where the application is divided into set of smaller services, known as microservices. It is based on proven software engineering concepts around agility, APIs and continuous integration (CI) continuous deployment (CD). With this what we get is better fault isolation, easy integration, automated deployment, scalability, reusability, efficiency, simplified security and monitoring… Read more

Container orchestration with Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes

The difficulty lies not so much in developing
new ideas as in escaping from old ones. 
                                                                                            - John Maynard Keynes.

We have worked in diverse industries and helped midsize to Fortune 500 companies build their empires. At Parkar, we have seen how container orchestration using Kubernetes and OpenShift  have immensely helped companies get on the fast-paced delivery and digital transformation journey. Containers have taken the world by storm... Read more

We revolutionize how great software is built.

Our approach with our customers is collaborative. We begin with helping solve business goals and objectives through Ideation, Roadmap creation and eventual Build. Our process involves identifying ways to improve business outcomes by bringing the right technology solutions and tools to our clients. We do this rapidly using agile frameworks to harness the power of Data Science, Cloud Technology and AI solutions to help our clients in their digital transformation and modernization journey. This approach has allowed us to earn the respect, trust of 50 corporations globally, therefore enabling us to establish partnerships with them.

Our Clients

Our clients are our trusted partners and we work together through phases of ideation, roadmap and build. Our relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. We provide our clients with the highest quality technology solutions, designed to help them accelerate their digital transformation journey.

About Us

Parkar Consulting is a digital transformation company of choice for more than 50 trusted technology partners. With our Solutions and Platforms, we harness the power of data science, cloud and AI to help accelerate our clients digital transformation journey.


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